Monday, January 28, 2008

Munchkin Boiler and Rinnai water heater

Here is one of our latest projects. We removed an old oil fired boiler and installed a new 90% efficient gas boiler and a Rinnai instantanious water heater.
New Boiler and Water Heater
New water heater
Inside of old boiler

Ross checking out old boiler

This project also involved getting a new gas service to the customer

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Monday, January 21, 2008

The cost of OIL

Just talked to a friend of mine who just purchased 250 gallons of heating oil for $3.19/gallon. WOW!!! That's more than a gallon of gasoline here in Richmond. Looks like our faithful friend the oil company is, well not a faithful friend anymore. Yes, oil is great source of heat--I've had oil heat for years. But is oil heat convienent? Think about it-you have to call or set up an account with an oil company to have oil delivered. It smells, it's dirty, sometimes the oil company forgets or mis calculates the amount of oil you need and you're out of heat for a day or so. Just ask the folks up the street who ran out on Christmas day....where was their faithful friend the oil company then? I had to get two 5 gallon cans of diesel to carry them through until they could get a fill up. Yes, oil will heat your house for $700/month and you get to smell diesel after they fill your tank and if the boiler or furnace isn't properly maintained you get to spend $500 to $1000 to have it cleaned every couple of years.

What's the alternative--you ask? Simple, it's gas or electric. Think about the simplicity of either of those, you don't have to call and get a refill or wonder if the oil company came or not. You get a monthly bill and you're done. Better yet, the prices of gas and electricity stay constant for a year unlike oil whose prices change daily.

To me the proof is in the numbers--a typical household that heats with oil will spend $1300/yr on heating oil. Now a yearly gas bill for a household with a 90% gas furnace is $600 or less. That's a $700.00 savings!!! Just by going with gas. Now you ask-how much does it cost to convert from oil to gas....we'll call 323-0189 to find out.
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