Monday, April 27, 2009

Problem with Air Conditioning in Richmond VA? Need expert troubleshooting or Richmond Air Conditioning repair service?

Marshall Mechanical is your Richmond VA air conditioning, heating and plumbing service partner and is available 24/7/365 at 804.323.0189 to answer your HVAC questions, provide expert advice, help you troubleshoot your heat pump or air conditioning system and get your cooling unit in top working order right away while the Richmond area heat index increases throughout the spring and summer months.

We'll even loan you a window air conditioning unit to keep your home cool temporarily until we can get your system working or replaced if needed. This gives our homeowners and valued customers time to work with us to make a good decision on an HVAC unit that best fits their home and budget, as there are many options to choose from -- and a customized heating and cooling system is often best for energy efficiency and to keep cooling and heating bills to a minimum in peak season summer and winter months. Immediate price discounts on heat pumps or air conditioning units are often not the long-term solution, especially when central air conditioning or A/C units should last over 10 years in your home.

Don't stress over the making a quick decision to buy. At Marshall Mechanical, we never want to pressure you into buying a unit at a time when you need your home cooled quickly for comfort or health reasons. In fact, the simplest solution may be proper trouble shooting and repair of your current unit, with a simple replacement part. And adding an energy efficient, programmable thermostat might help to you to manage and lower your air cooling and heating costs all year round saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

As far as saving money, we can show you many ways to reduce your cooling and air conditioning costs with rebates, Federal tax credits, financing options, payments plans and promotional discounts. Several of our most recent and money-saving promotions can be found on our website special offers web page or on other blog posts here on the Marshall Mechanical blog.

So if you have a problem with your air conditioning unit, you think the air conditioning requires service, or if your heat pump is not working properly, just give us a call at 804.323.0189 and we'll be glad to put you at ease by giving you the best solutions and take the time to answer any questions you have -- for your home, office building or small business. We service both residential and commercial customers and are a certified HVAC engineer with all proper certifications and insurance.

Just ask for details and we'll be happy to provide you with proof as well as customer references and testimonials. As always, written quotes are given to our customers with full service and labor fees, along with product descriptions -- as long as we are given the chance to fully inspect and properly evaluate the current system and talk to the homeowner about any problems they've been experiencing with their HVAC unit so that a new unit will be the best fit for their home, their comfort and their budget.

At Marshall Mechanical, we know your home is an investment and our goal is to help you maximize it. Call Sean Cantrell or Mike Smith at 804.323.0189.
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Air conditioning unit not working in the RVA heat? Don't panic. We have value-based solutions!

With the heat index in the Richmond, VA, area at high levels and temperatures running into the 90s, many people are turning on their air conditioning and cooling units for the first time and finding that they are not working properly. Most homeowners complain that either the air conditioning unit doesn't turn on or that it runs constantly but doesn't cool. When this happens and the temperatures are in the 90s, many people panic and want their air conditioning system replaced immediately without proper evaluation and discussion, and often a homeowner simply shops based on price alone.

DON'T CATCH YOURSELF IN THIS SITUATION! Turn to trained professionals who will help you solve your immediate problem and perform a thorough evaluation on your HVAC system BEFORE you replace it. Why? First, replacing is not always the answer. Often A/C units just need a simple service repair to get them up and running efficiently again. Second, a thorough evaluation should be completed before determining if the system needs to be replaced and, if so, what are the best options for the home and environment.

We strive to solve the immediate problem quickly, either by fixing the current unit and/or by installing a window air conditioning unit in the bedroom or main area of the home while we conduct the evaluation. The homeowner or buying consumer should not be in a panic mode while purchasing an HVAC unit that will be in their home for years to come. And certainly, buying on price alone is not the answer. Homeowners should buy on a number of factors including price, value, energy efficiency, brand, manufacturer's rebates, Federal tax credits, size of home, number of floors, placement of A/C unit or units (i.e. basement), etc.

At Marshall Mechanical, we aim to build relationships with our customers for years to come. We want you to be happy with both our service approach as well as our recommendations, if new products are necessary. Sometimes a simple fix is all that is needed but if your home requires more, then we want you to get the best value your money can buy.

So stay both cool and calm! If you or a family member is experiencing problems with the home's air conditioning / cooling unit, please call your Richmond heating, cooling and plumbing partner at 804.323.0189. You'll be glad you did.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day and save over $150 by installing a Lennox programmable thermostat in your home!

In celebration of Earth Day, Marshall Mechanical is making it very easy for you to do your part to not only save energy but also save money for years to come.

From now until April 30, 2009, you can purchase the Lennox® ComfortSense(TM) 5000 Series Touchscreen energy-saving Thermostat for $25 off the retail price with free installation! That's right, for just $199 installed, you can have an effortless and efficient temperature control that automatically controls your energy cost all year round. This is a savings of $150 off our regular price!

We can help you calculate your specific savings by using the EPA's Energy Star Lifecycle cost estimate worksheet for a quality programmable thermostat. What you need to know is that an average home can save up to $269 per year every year, compared to a regular thermostat.

Summary of Benefits for 1 Programmable Thermostat(s)* Heating Energy Cost with Energy Star T-stat:

  • Heating Savings: $210 yr
  • Cooling Savings: $59 yr
  • Life cycle savings 15yrs: $2,989
  • Life Cycle energy saved (MBTU)-includes both Heating and Cooling: 195
  • Simple payback of additional cost (years): 0.3
  • Life cycle air pollution reduction (lbs of CO2): 27,287
  • Air pollution reduction equivalence (number of cars removed from the road for a year): 2
  • Air pollution reduction equivalence (acres of forest): 3
So get a great Earth Day deal -- save money now with our free installation offer, begin saving both money and energy immediately after installation and reduce your carbon footprint for years to come!

This is yet another way Marshall Mechanical is your full service Richmond heating, cooling and plumbing partner. We know your home is an investment and we help you maximize it. And we help you give back to the environment at the same time.

But hurry, this Earth Day offer expires April 30th, 2009*. Call or email Sean Cantrell or Mike Smith today at 804.323.0189.

*This offer is for the Lennox brand of 5000 series thermostat. If customer prefers, certain models of the Honeywell brand of thermostats can be installed in place of Lennox. Call Mike Smith for details.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are you an age 60+ homeowner? Or do you have a parent or grandparent who is?

Marshall Mechanical offers homeowners age 60+ a 15% discount off our HVAC and Plumbing labor fees for service or installations. It's that simple. This is just another way we serve our community and provide extra savings for those in need.

Sean Cantrell or Mike Smith will be happy to answer any questions you have and give you the best advice based on our years of experience. Please email or call Mike to schedule an appointment at 804.323.0189.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Missed the $300 Early Bird Special? You can still get Lennox rebates of up to $1,200 on a new HVAC system thru 6/12! With Fed tax credits too!

Still looking to save money and keep your home energy efficient and comfortable through the Richmond summer? Are you getting a tax refund check this year and want to invest it back into your home and save on monthly bills year round?

Lennox's early bird $300 bonus savings offer is coming to a close as HVAC systems have to be installed by tomorrow, 4/17. But you can still take advantage of Spring Special rebates up to $1,200 -- or choose a 90-day same-as-cash financing offer if you prefer. The Lennox Spring Special is good for all HVAC systems installed by or before June 12, 2009.

The Lennox rebates (or financing offer) is in addition to being able to take advantage of Federal tax credits for existing homes.

By switching your home's heating and air conditioning unit to the Lennox brand of high efficiency units, you can not only save with rebates and tax credits, but you'll save every month on your heating and cooling bills. We can show you how.

Our website will be updated in the next two days to remove the Early Bird offer and to reflect the ongoing Spring special. In addition, you'll soon be able to reference the product section of our site that will have all the information you'd ever want to know about Lennox's products and energy efficiency, including consumer brochures. A great new resource coming your way through Lennox's API system, brought to you by your Richmond area heating, cooling and plumbing partner!

To set up an appointment for an in-home review of your current heating and cooling system, please call Sean Cantrell or Mike Smith at 804.323.0189 today. We'll get your system installed quickly so you can begin saving money on your heating and cooling bills right away. Once again, Marshall Mechanical helps you find ways to protect and maximize the investment you've made in your home.
Missed the $300 Early Bird Special? You can still get Lennox rebates of up to $1,200 on a new HVAC system thru 6/12! With Fed tax credits too!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to GREEN UP your next Easter: great suggestions on how to reduce your environmental impact!

Low Impact Living » Blog Archive » How To Make Your Easter Green

Yep, even us HVAC guys love this article from Low Impact Living because of all the creative suggestions on how you can reduce your environmental impact and still have a great time celebrating the Easter holiday. Everything to make your spring celebration eco-friendly -- from eggs, candy, food and even the egg hunt -- and teach your children to be "Green" in the process. Chances are, your kids will have a few ideas of their own.

You can buy organic eggs, use natural food dyes, use reusable and biodegradeable wicker baskets. You can even grow your own grass inside your easter basket which then doubles as a great springtime decoration. Using fair trade, organic chocolate is pretty cool too.

And even for the holiday meal, you can check out a local organic farmer or farmer's market, or maybe consider a vegetarian feast (ok, maybe not for us HVAC guys but we do like to eat healthy when we can).

Bridgette Steffen, who posted the article, also went so far as to talk about how Easter is a time of the celebration of regrowth, renewal and life. And what better time to reduce your environmental impact by growing new plants, cleaning up the neighborhood, using more national ingredients.

This article is just filled with tips and links to help you have a greener Easter and Spring season. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

At Marshall Mechanical, we're here to help you keep your home green and healthy all year long. Don't forget to hit the tell-a-friend button and bookmark this article for future use!
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

If you're employed by one of these firms, you're eligible for 10% labor discount!

We are formalizing our corporate partner program as it has been expanding since its inception. Therefore, if you are a homeowner and an employee of any one of these companies or organizations, you are eligible to receive 10% discount off labor/residential service from Marshall Mechanical.

Here are the names of the approved companies:
  • Baskervill
  • CapTech Ventures
  • Carytown Bikes
  • Chesterfield Police, Fire & EMS
  • Dovetail Construction
  • Franco LaFratta Construction
  • Hanover Police, Fire & EMS
  • Henrico Police, Fire & EMS
  • Richmond Police, Fire & EMS
  • Royall & Co.
  • Steward School
  • The Martin Agency
  • VCU
  • VCU Brandcenter
  • VMI Alumni

Be sure to let our office know the name of your employer when you call in for service. If your corporation or organization would like to apply for residential HVAC and Plumbing employee discounts, please call Mike Smith at 804.323.0189 today. Great employee benefit program that is free to employers!

10% applies to service/labor fees only and does not include discount off product. One discount per customer; multiple discounts cannot be combined. For more information, please contact Marshall Mechanical.

If you're employed by one of these firms, you're eligible for 10% labor discount!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend