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How to GREEN UP your next Easter: great suggestions on how to reduce your environmental impact!

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Yep, even us HVAC guys love this article from Low Impact Living because of all the creative suggestions on how you can reduce your environmental impact and still have a great time celebrating the Easter holiday. Everything to make your spring celebration eco-friendly -- from eggs, candy, food and even the egg hunt -- and teach your children to be "Green" in the process. Chances are, your kids will have a few ideas of their own.

You can buy organic eggs, use natural food dyes, use reusable and biodegradeable wicker baskets. You can even grow your own grass inside your easter basket which then doubles as a great springtime decoration. Using fair trade, organic chocolate is pretty cool too.

And even for the holiday meal, you can check out a local organic farmer or farmer's market, or maybe consider a vegetarian feast (ok, maybe not for us HVAC guys but we do like to eat healthy when we can).

Bridgette Steffen, who posted the article, also went so far as to talk about how Easter is a time of the celebration of regrowth, renewal and life. And what better time to reduce your environmental impact by growing new plants, cleaning up the neighborhood, using more national ingredients.

This article is just filled with tips and links to help you have a greener Easter and Spring season. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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