Monday, April 27, 2009

Air conditioning unit not working in the RVA heat? Don't panic. We have value-based solutions!

With the heat index in the Richmond, VA, area at high levels and temperatures running into the 90s, many people are turning on their air conditioning and cooling units for the first time and finding that they are not working properly. Most homeowners complain that either the air conditioning unit doesn't turn on or that it runs constantly but doesn't cool. When this happens and the temperatures are in the 90s, many people panic and want their air conditioning system replaced immediately without proper evaluation and discussion, and often a homeowner simply shops based on price alone.

DON'T CATCH YOURSELF IN THIS SITUATION! Turn to trained professionals who will help you solve your immediate problem and perform a thorough evaluation on your HVAC system BEFORE you replace it. Why? First, replacing is not always the answer. Often A/C units just need a simple service repair to get them up and running efficiently again. Second, a thorough evaluation should be completed before determining if the system needs to be replaced and, if so, what are the best options for the home and environment.

We strive to solve the immediate problem quickly, either by fixing the current unit and/or by installing a window air conditioning unit in the bedroom or main area of the home while we conduct the evaluation. The homeowner or buying consumer should not be in a panic mode while purchasing an HVAC unit that will be in their home for years to come. And certainly, buying on price alone is not the answer. Homeowners should buy on a number of factors including price, value, energy efficiency, brand, manufacturer's rebates, Federal tax credits, size of home, number of floors, placement of A/C unit or units (i.e. basement), etc.

At Marshall Mechanical, we aim to build relationships with our customers for years to come. We want you to be happy with both our service approach as well as our recommendations, if new products are necessary. Sometimes a simple fix is all that is needed but if your home requires more, then we want you to get the best value your money can buy.

So stay both cool and calm! If you or a family member is experiencing problems with the home's air conditioning / cooling unit, please call your Richmond heating, cooling and plumbing partner at 804.323.0189. You'll be glad you did.
Air conditioning unit not working in the RVA heat? Don't panic. We have value-based solutions!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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