Monday, April 27, 2009

Problem with Air Conditioning in Richmond VA? Need expert troubleshooting or Richmond Air Conditioning repair service?

Marshall Mechanical is your Richmond VA air conditioning, heating and plumbing service partner and is available 24/7/365 at 804.323.0189 to answer your HVAC questions, provide expert advice, help you troubleshoot your heat pump or air conditioning system and get your cooling unit in top working order right away while the Richmond area heat index increases throughout the spring and summer months.

We'll even loan you a window air conditioning unit to keep your home cool temporarily until we can get your system working or replaced if needed. This gives our homeowners and valued customers time to work with us to make a good decision on an HVAC unit that best fits their home and budget, as there are many options to choose from -- and a customized heating and cooling system is often best for energy efficiency and to keep cooling and heating bills to a minimum in peak season summer and winter months. Immediate price discounts on heat pumps or air conditioning units are often not the long-term solution, especially when central air conditioning or A/C units should last over 10 years in your home.

Don't stress over the making a quick decision to buy. At Marshall Mechanical, we never want to pressure you into buying a unit at a time when you need your home cooled quickly for comfort or health reasons. In fact, the simplest solution may be proper trouble shooting and repair of your current unit, with a simple replacement part. And adding an energy efficient, programmable thermostat might help to you to manage and lower your air cooling and heating costs all year round saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

As far as saving money, we can show you many ways to reduce your cooling and air conditioning costs with rebates, Federal tax credits, financing options, payments plans and promotional discounts. Several of our most recent and money-saving promotions can be found on our website special offers web page or on other blog posts here on the Marshall Mechanical blog.

So if you have a problem with your air conditioning unit, you think the air conditioning requires service, or if your heat pump is not working properly, just give us a call at 804.323.0189 and we'll be glad to put you at ease by giving you the best solutions and take the time to answer any questions you have -- for your home, office building or small business. We service both residential and commercial customers and are a certified HVAC engineer with all proper certifications and insurance.

Just ask for details and we'll be happy to provide you with proof as well as customer references and testimonials. As always, written quotes are given to our customers with full service and labor fees, along with product descriptions -- as long as we are given the chance to fully inspect and properly evaluate the current system and talk to the homeowner about any problems they've been experiencing with their HVAC unit so that a new unit will be the best fit for their home, their comfort and their budget.

At Marshall Mechanical, we know your home is an investment and our goal is to help you maximize it. Call Sean Cantrell or Mike Smith at 804.323.0189.
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