Saturday, September 15, 2007

16 SEER Heat Pump

We've had a busy summer this year, the heat and humidity had us all jumping. Looking back at some jobs we did this summer I'd like to share some pictures of 16 SEER heat pump with an Accu Clean Air Filtration System we installed. The original system was 15 yrs old and used ductboard for the ductwork. We removed the old ductboard and installed new sealed and insulated metal ducwork. Take a look at the old ductboard, if you have ductwork that looks like this, consider giving us a call it may have some growth on the inside too.

Look at the growth on the inside of this ductboard.

This is what ductboard looks like installed

The old air handler.

Here is the new air handler. Note the insulated and sealed ductwork on the left. The Accu Clean Filtration system is on the right. See the yellow wire with the black switch, that's a safety switch in the emergency drain pan. This will shut down the unit in case the unit should leak water.

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